Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's.

Well, here it is again. The end of an old year, the beginning of a new one. Most people use this as a time to change themselves. I'd like to think that I can change myself any time of year, but it's nice to have a definitive time to make changes, just like deadlines can motivate an author to write. Instead of giving fixed resolutions, however, I'm going to list things that I'd like to see myself doing in the future.

Before that, I need to address all the things - good and bad - that happened this year. Shortly before the beginning of 2010, I discovered Nerdfighteria, which left me all of 2010 to delve into it. That was definitely one of the major influences of my year. I don't think I could have predicted a year ago that nerdfighters would be such a big part of my life.

Our eighth grade Washington, D.C. trip, surprising as it is, is part of this list. I know it was just a school trip, but it was such a great time to bond with friends. My roommates were Alex, Anna, and Elizabeth, some of my best friends at the time. Anna and Elizabeth are still my best friends, but Alex moved to Kansas over the summer. At the beginning of the year, we texted a little, but then we gradually fell apart. It's sad but many times inevitable with long-distance friendships, especially if your friendship at home isn't the strongest.

Of course, we're not to forget that I graduated this year. Finally out of middle school, into high school. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, I guess, but even though high school is really difficult, I have a lot of freedom, which is quite nice. I like being able to go to Starbucks during my free and pestering Charlotte about geometry, which I'm sure I'm going to fail. Me with my hot chocolate and scone, Charlotte with her tea. It's become sort of a daily tradition.

Over the summer, as always, was camp. Sleepaway camp is... interesting. I've been going for four years now, and, to tell the truth, I'd rather not go back. My camp has a big thing with tradition. Every year, the Soopers (the division I'll be in next year, if I go back) lead the camp in Tribes and Color War. Both really intense, both same as they've always been. I feel kind of obliged to go back, but here are my issues, John Green style: 1) it's mainly centered around sports, and I'm the most un-athletic person ever, 2) the food makes me and my poor digestive system sick, 3) it's really intense and I'm bad under pressure, and 4) I'm not really friends with my division, or anyone else in camp, really, just a few people. It seems like kind of a no-brainer, but as I mentioned before, I feel obliged to go back. I am considering not going back.

My "resolutions," or what I'd like to see myself doing in 2011:

  1. Doing more charity work. I have donated to charities, but there's nothing like the feeling you get when you're working hands-on to help people. In the past, I've volunteered at the Midnight Run, food pantries, and humane shelters, and I'd like to do more.
  2. Getting up and going. I'm a bit of a couch potato, but when I'm motivated, I love the outdoors. Especially at this time of year, when there's snow on the ground but it's not too cold.
  3. Eating healthier. At the very least a breakfast and dinner, and not just snacks for lunch. More fruits and vegetables, less chocolate and junk food.
  4. Being more creative. I have the tools, the instruments, the sites, the I'd like to see myself utilizing my creativity in the future, and that includes poetry, novels, the works, and maybe even managing to write a song. I don't want to hold myself back, and I'll try to learn to accept anything, even the literary garbage. Also, I hope to actually write in this blog, say, once a week? I've had blogs before and they've never worked out.
  5. Using my time wisely. STOP PROCRASTINATING, MOLLY! I think that just about sums it up.
  6. Last but most definitely not least, live life to the fullest I can. I never knew Esther Earl, but I knew of her through the nerdfighting community, and I think one lesson I learned from her is to, like I said, live life to the fullest that I possibly can. I think this involves everything above, and more. (RIA, Esther. This star won't go out.)
That was it. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and a great new year!

Molly x

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